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As an added convenience, new patients can access and complete all necessary forms prior to their first visit. Please bring all COMPLETED forms to your first scheduled appointment.If you are unable to print or complete the forms before your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.Additionally, you should bring your current INSURANCE CARD if you would like to use insurance, and PICTURE ID.

You can download the New Patient Paperwork here and fill out a paper copy, or you can fill it out directly on our website by clicking "Get Started" below:


We realize that your time is valuable and respect your schedule.  We make every effort to run on time and do not overbook our patients.  We also ask that you respect your appointment time and the time of the doctor and the time of other patients by coming on time, or informing us in advance of a cancellation or late arrival.

Arriving 15 minutes late or more for your appointment may result in having to reschedule your appointment for a later time that day, or a different day.

Arriving 15 minutes late or more, canceling your appointment with less than 2 hours notice or a “no-call/no-show” will result in a $25 fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long before I see results?

There are many ways to measure results. Unfortunately, pain is not a good measurement of results. Pain comes and goes, and is typically the LAST symptom to come out once a problem has been present. Therefore, pain starts to decrease within a few weeks to a few months. But, just because the pain is less or gone DOES NOT mean the problem has been corrected.

Your treatment plan is geared towards getting you maximum improvement, and must be completed in a timely manner for best results. This, along with your at home recommendations is the recipe for success.

Will the appointment take a lot of time out of my day?

No. We strive to maximize efficiency in our office. The doctor is focused on providing the appropriate adjustments to correct the Structural Shifts. This process takes only a few minutes. It is the accumulation of these adjustments that rehabilitate the spinal structures and nervous system for optimal function.

The home exercises/recommendations will take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on your specific recommendations.

I heard that once you start chiropractic care you need to go forever

This statement is true and false. Our goal is to not have you come in for adjustments only when things hurt. If this is the case, then you will always have pain (if the underlying issue was never fully corrected). That would be the same as needing to take pain killers every day.

Chiropractic care has been proven effective for MAINTENANCE/PROTECTION. Just like you brush your teeth daily, get your oil changed in your car or get routine dental checkups, chiropractic care is no different. Generally, people will come in for an adjustment because they now know what it is like to feel GOOD and can tell when there body has been “shifted” or “out of alignment”. This is the key to health, by catching these issues early on before they have a chance to degenerate and get worse.

Is it effective? (Better than alternatives/drugs)

Yes. Numerous studies have shown the efficacy and corrective nature of specific chiropractic care. When there are shifts in the spine and nervous system and pressure on nerves, a physical force is needed to remove the irritation/pressure. Drugs and medications do not make these corrections, they merely dull the pain. Surgeries are also often times ineffective as they do not correct the underlying imbalances that have caused the shifts in the first place. There are patients that DO benefit from medications and surgeries, and this would be discussed between you and the doctor.

Is it going to work? (am I just going to have to do surgery anyway?)

After a thorough evaluation by your chiropractor, you will be given a diagnosis/treatment plan. At this time you will be presented with your options with your best interests in mind. If a chiropractic treatment plan is given to you, it is because the doctor recommends this treatment as necessary for your improvement.

What are the costs? Does insurance cover it?

This is presented to you in your treatment plan. Most insurances to cover chiropractic care. Our care is very affordable, and we have different payment options to make the process easier. Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and FLEX accounts cover our services. We also accept cash, credit cards, checks, and have no-interest financing options.

It's going to hurt/going super aggressive?

No. We utilize gentle techniques and accommodate the treatments to each patient specifically. Sometimes, your body will be sore and stiff due to the nature of your condition, and we need to work through this to restore optimal function. But again, we have patient specific techniques to decrease discomfort as much as possible.

Is chiropractic safe? (Can it kill you, break your neck, cause arthritis?)

Chiropractic is very safe and effective. The number one side effect/risk is soreness, and this is due to muscle and joints moving better after your adjustment. This typically occurs only after the first adjustment.

Am I going to have to be unclothed or in a gown?

We only require a gown during our in-office scans. You do not need to be unclothed or gowned otherwise.

Structural Corrective Chiropractic care is a SOLUTION and NOT just a band-aid!